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      SkyNet Communications LLC is proud to service the Gallatin Valley and is rapidly becoming a premier preferred Business solution. We started this company to help Businesses get the service they deserve at a price that is affordable. Services and applications that just simply don't work on other ISP's, work on our service and well. We also discovered in this venture that many Businesses have owners just like us that work from home and don't receive the quality service they need to work from home as well. So not only do we provide service to Businesses, but to home offices as well.


      We have years of experience in the wireless industry that others simply don't have. This has made it possible to design a network for you and your Business that you can count on for speed, reliability, and customer service. We use a best of breed approach for equipment to solve the high speed internet demands and reliability needs for businesses, we don't just use ultra-low cost off the shelf equipment like so many providers. We want your Business to work great so we use the best equipment for that.


      Please contact us today with any questions you may have, an owner will be in touch not just another support or sales person. We believe that the more important you are in a business doesn't mean you get out of touch with customers, we want to speak with you and serve your needs.


Thanks Chris

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New plans are here and faster than ever!!!! Please check them out under internet plans.


Livingston is finnally close to being finnished and ready for customers!!!  

Important!!! If you plan on using VoIP on SkyNet service please go to the VoIP section and read about our low cost Dedicated VoIP Circut if you want VoIP to work well.



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