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IP HD/4K Surveillance at an affordable price is here! There are many systems and companies out there that advertise surveillance systems. So what is different about what SkyNet Offers. Now a Dahua dealer 5 year warranty on products and an industry leader.

IP networked cameras:

1: Lower Cost for installation

2: Lower Cost of ownership

3: Up to 64 HD cameras per NVR

4: HD in 720p or 1080p not low resolution like somany others we don't even offer lower than an HD rated camera. Now 4K!!!

5: All cameras are POE capable


7:Extreme weather POE cameras available

8: Many for factors to fit your needs

9: Integrates with phone systems

Other features:

1: Night vision

2: Low light only cameras

3: PTZ

4: Wireless connectivity available

5: Motion sensing

6: Audio half or full duplex

7: Email alerting

8: Multiple logins

9: Web interface for remote viewing

10: Mobile App's for IOS, Android, WP8, and Blackberry

11: And many more features