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Mass Notification

SkyNet is pleased to bring you Mass Notification Systems that will fit your every need. Our Mass Notification systems integrate with many different types of phone systems and alarm systems already in place. With our system you can have any where from speakers, message boards, computer, phone, cell phone, tablets, and many more notify the masses when an emergency occurs.


Please look below to see the features:

Enhanced paging and mass notification solution that seamlessly integrates with Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel or SIP-based phone systems, providing audio, text and graphic notifications across an organization.  Real-time, pre-recorded or scheduled announcements to streamline critical situation communication and many operational processes.

Integrates with several 3rd party services including NOAA and, giving users the ability to deliver localized weather and AMBER alerts to numerous endpoints, including phones, mobile devices, desktops, PA systems, IP speakers and more.

By leveraging the patented Paging Relay (a small POE network appliance), even non-multicast enabled wide-area networks can provide notifications to all remote sites using one centralized server. Streaming models include Unicast, Server Sourced Multicast and Phone Sourced Multicast.

Allows its users to:

  • Transform  the IP network into an enterprise-class mass notification system for instant alerting, operational efficiencies, message consistency and rapid 2-way communications
  • Reach your audience anytime, anywhere on any device – desktop PCs and Macs, phones, mobile devices, email, SMS text messaging and more
  • Launch alerts and broadcasts from any phone (mobile or landline), panic-button or desktop machine
  • Manage notifications across the enterprise with pre-defined scenarios, complex policies and multiple location reach
  • Integrate existing Public Address, beacons and outdoor stations to a single notification fabric
  • Deliver unlimited combinations of groups, endpoints and rules to address every scenario from day-to-day communication to crisis management
  • Improve building safety by integrating with existing fire alarm and environmental systems

Features & Benefits:

  • Auto-Conference: Leverages CUCM Meet Me conference to automatically create and join predefined users to a conference
  • Desktop Notification Client: Deliver rich content audio, graphic, and text notifications directly to the desktop
  • Weather Alerts: Integrate emergency alert groups with the National Weather Service and deliver localized weather alerts (Warnings, Watches and Advisories)
  • Amber Alerts: Integrate emergency alert groups with the to deliver Amber Alerts (abducted children alerts)
  • Dynamic Paging Groups: IP Phones in a notification group can be selected via powerful filter; as you add devices to the system there is no need to manage the notification group
  • Email Integration: Emails can be sent when notification groups are activated
  • IP Speakers: Support for plug and play IP Speakers
  • SMS Services: Activate 3rd Party mass communication scenario(s) when an notification group is activated
  • Beacons: Activate emergency beacons when a notification group is activated
  • Syn-Apps Paging Relay: A unicast to multicast hardware device (PoE) that can be used to provide multicast over a non-multicast enabled WAN
  • Social Network Integration: Integrate emergency alert and text groups with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, ensuring effective communication of campus events to students, faculty etc.
  • Enhanced Polling & Reporting: Review poll history, export reports to excel and more
  • Web Service: Automatically activate notification groups and gather information using the web service
  • Auto Support Ticket Generation: The prepare report interface will FTP all pertinent log files to Support and create a ticket via email with the press of a button
  • Activity Logging: Notification group activity, schedule activity, text message activity and web interface log in activity are all logged and can be easily viewed in the GUI
  • User Polling: Send polls via text message and view results In real-time or via historical reporting
  • Fault Tolerance and Full Redundancy: Cluster servers together to maintain message delivery services during server outage or system fault scenarios
  • Background Music Service: Stream music to your Cisco IP Phones. *A multicast streaming source such as the paging relay is required